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El léxico de los poetas lesbios






Redactado por H. Rodríguez Somolinos
Diccionario Griego-Español, Anejo IV, Madrid, CSIC, 1998
17 x 24 cms., 381 pp.
17,34 euros
ISBN 84-00-07753-9 - Rfa. 4426


The main objective of this book is to provide a wide panorama of the vocabulary used by Sappho and Alcaeus, the only two Lesbian poets whose work is relatively well-known to us today, in an attempt to cover, or at least complement, certain areas of study which have received little attention in the modern literature. It attempts also to bring to linguistic and literary studies certain data and ideas which, coming from the vocabulary, help to characterise both the language and the poetic genre of the two authors, delving into their origins and placing them within the wider context of archaic poetry in general.


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«Il s'agit donc d'un ouvrage systématique qui se recommande tant par sa richesse d'information et par sa précision philologique que par le souci d'interprétation linguistique des faits collectés.» (J.L. Perpillou)      «The book is the result of considerable detailed lexicographical labour, and is now the fullest description we have on this aspect of the Lesbian poets» (A.M. Bowie)