DGE I2 Cover


Diccionario Griego-Español
Volume I
α - ἀλλά
Second revised and extended edition (DGE I2)




Redactado bajo la dirección de Francisco R. Adrados por José Antonio Berenguer, en colaboración con Elvira Gangutia, Dolores Lara, Juan Rodríguez Somolinos y otros colaboradores
Madrid, CSIC, 2008
20 x 27 cm., CLXXXVI + 186 pp.
24,05 euros
ISBN 978-84-00-08604-6 - Rfa. 11436


Second revised and extended edition of the first volume, which takes into account recent developments in Greek Lexicography and experience accumulated by the team since the beginning of the work. The body of the dictionary has increased by 20% over the first edition. New lexicographic materials are collected, both appeared in new editions of literary texts, papyrus and inscriptions, as coming from older editions. It also includes additions and corrections based on the study of new proposals put forward over the years in the literature. The authors have undertaken a comprehensive update of the quotations from Greek authors or works according to the new bibliographical lists of authors and works, papyrus, inscriptions and abbreviations.

Sample (PDF file): ἀγγρία - ἀγελάρχης


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