Anejo 6 Cover


La lexicografía griega y el Diccionario Griego-Español






Francisco R. Adrados y
Juan Rodríguez Somolinos (editores)
Diccionario Griego-Español, Anejo VI, Madrid, CSIC, 2005
17 x 24 cms., 309 pp
28,05 euros
ISBN 84-00-08310-5 - Rfa. 4426

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The book is a compilation of 25 articles about the DGE published by several members of the team along the last twenty years, approximately. All of them have a clear unity, as they develop partial aspects of the work in the lexicon, lengthening and exemplifying different methodological questions raised in the prologue of the first volume and in the book Introducción a la lexicografía griega (Madrid 1977), with the perspective of the experience accumulated in all these years.


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