Supplement (RBLG Supl.)

Collected by Juan Rodríguez Somolinos and Mónica Elías

With the assistance of
Sandra Camacho Cuenca, David Carmona Centeno,
Pablo A. García Pastor, Ana González-Rivas Fernández,
Elena Martín González, Fernando Mora Moreno, Lucía Moreno

(last updated: 20-3-2008)


Ten years after the publication of the RBLG we continue this Online Supplement ,which we hope to update regularly from time to time. According to our possibilities, this Supplement will deal with the incessant flow of new publications in the field. We will also pay attention to the books and papers published years ago that for some reason could not be included in the published volume. As in 2003, we include a PDF version in addition to the HTM version.

The purpose of this Supplement and the methodology followed are the same as in the published volume. For these and other questions please refer to its Introduction. We will only provide here some figures based on the last update. We have revised about 230 books and 170 journals belonging mainly to the years 1996-2006.

RBLG Supl. 1 (PDF): The Supplement to the Bibliography of Indexes, Lexicons and Concordances includes 392 new entries, dating mainly from 1992 to 2005.

RBLG Supl. 2 (PDF): The Supplement to the Bibliography of Complexive Works includes 1587 publications (books and articles in journals or collective volumes). There are 1413 additional publications dealing just with one word. These are quoted in full in the Bibliography of Greek Words. All this sums up exactly a total of 3000 publications.

RBLG Supl. 3 (PDF): The Supplement to the Bibliography of Greek Words gathers 23691 bibliographical references for 15741 different lemmata. This makes up a 24% of the total of references in the published volume.

For the sake of curiosity, we offer here a list of the 25 words to which a larger number of references has been collected in the last update of this Supplement. Veterans and newcomers can be easily discovered when comparing this list with the one found in the Introduction to the published volume.

37 λόγος 30 ψυχή 19 φίλος 16 δοῦλος 16 κύριος
32 φρήν 25 νόος 17 ἀρετή 16 χάρις 14 δύναμις
32 νόμος 22 ἦτορ 17 τόπος 16 ἱερός 14 καιρός
31 πόλις 20 δῆμος 16 φύσις 15 δίκη 14 μῦθος
31 θυμός 20 οἶκος 16 κόσμος 15 ἀιδώς 14 δημόσιος

As several reviewers of the published volume have remarked, we are aware of the impossibility of being exhaustive in a work like this. In an attempt to overcome the unavoidable deficiencies of this Repertorium we will greatly appreciate if our readers contact us at the addresses below and provide us with bibliographical references or new publications of interest. At the moment, we thank professors V. Garulli, M.I. Gulletta, W. Habermann, A. Meriani, E. Tagliaferro and S. Torallas.

We also thank Sandra Camacho Cuenca, David Carmona Centeno, Ana González-Rivas Fernández, Elena Martín González and Fernando Mora Moreno, students of last course of several Spanish universities, who collaborated in this Supplement during their stay in the DGE thanks to scholarships of the CSIC. Also we give thanks to Pablo A. García Pastor and Lucía Moreno, members of our team.

One final remark: the abbreviations of journals are those of L'Année Philologique .

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