Presentation of the volume

The primary aim of this bibliography is to provide scholars working in any field related to Classical Antiquity with a new auxiliary whenever they need to check out the existing studies on any given Greek word.

The RBLG covers classical Greek to the end of the 6th century AD and it is based on the extensive scrutiny of hundreds of journals, specialised works, and other bibliographic repertories. The book is organized into four sections:

1. A catalogue of indexes, lexica, and concordances to Greek authors and texts (pp. 1-75). It takes up the information covered by H. & B. Riesenfeld's Repertorium Lexicographicum Graecum (Stockholm 1954) and adds the new bibliography published since 1954.
2. A bibliography of more than 3,300 papers and books pertaining to Greek lexicography, lexicology and semantics (pp. 77-141). It is alphabetically arranged by the author's names.
3. The main section of the book is a bibliography of Greek Lexicography, ordered by the Greek lemmatized words (pp. 143-531). It contains more than 34,000 lemmata, giving references to all the works included in section (2) plus 3,600 studies on single words.
4. A short index of some of the lexicographical studies included in section (2) ordered by semantic fields (pp. 533-540).

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Samples of the different sections

 Introduction (complete)
 Catalogue of Indexes, Lexica, and Concordances (sample)   PDF format
 Bibliography of Complexive Studies (sample)   PDF format
 Bibliography of Greek Words (sample)   PDF format
 Thematic Index (sample)   PDF format

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