(last updated: 08-01-2019)

In this section miscellaneous bibliography related to the DGE may be found, written both by its authors and by its readers. It has been organized into three sections according to its contents.

1. Bibliography on the DGE by members of its team

The first section collects in reverse chronological order the papers about the DGE published by the members of its team along the years. Here may be found successive presentations of the project at different stages, as well as more detailed accounts of partial aspects (papyri, computerization, technical vocabulary, semantics, methodological questions, etc.) which complete or develop the prologues of the successive fascicles and the volume Introducción a la lexicografía griega. Most of these works, especially those that are not outdated by now, are reproduced in full.

2. Studies on Greek lexicon by members of the team

The second section gathers papers on lexicography, lexicology, and semantics of ancient Greek by members of the team. Most of these works have been written in close connection to the various tasks for the DGE - writing entries, gathering of lexicographical materials, etc. The bibliographical references are ordered three ways: by chronological (reverse) order, by alphabetical order of the author's name, and by alphabetical order of the words dealt with. The three lists are linked to each other. Two pull down menus facilitate a quick consultation of the first two lists. A few papers of more general content are reproduced in full.

3. Quotations of the DGE in scholarly literature

Last, the third section gathers a selection of papers and books (1361) which refer to our DGE (among those we have been able to locate). It will be easily noticeable that the interest of our readers is very varied. References range from a more general type or to our bibliographical lists and abbreviations, to citations of particular entries (4964) of very different kind. Such references can be found in academic literature from rather different fields: papyrology, epigraphy, linguistics, literature, etymology, onomastics, etc.

The purpose of this bibliography is twofold. On one hand, it is intended to show how the DGE has an increasingly greater impact, especially abroad. On the other hand, it will hopefully serve as a kind of addenda et corrigenda to the published volumes. Those readers interested in a DGE entry will be able to find references to other scholarly works which cite this same entry, either relying on it for some further research, or else criticizing or correcting it.

As in section 2, this third bibliography is ordered three ways: in chronological (reverse) order, by alphabetical order of the author's name, and by alphabetical order of the quoted lemmata. These three lists are also linked to each other. Two pull down menus facilitate also a quick consultation of the first two lists. This bibliography also includes the reviews (80) of the published volumes and the lemmata quoted in them.

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