Collected by María Emilia Martínez-Fresneda
with the assistance of Juan and Helena Rodríguez Somolinos

(last updated: 15-10-2011)

We present here the revised bibliography of Professor F. R. Adrados, originally published in his Festschrift (Athlon. Satura grammatica in honorem Francisci R. Adrados, Madrid, Gredos, vol. I, 1984, pp. 33-68; vol. II, 1987, pp. 883-892). We have also added his publications after 1986. For the user's convenience, we have decided to split it in two sections: 1. Books and Articles and 2. Reviews and Varia (mainly articles in non-academic journals). The first section includes a content and key-words index and the second one includes an index of the authors of the books reviewed in a third section, we have collected links to some online lectures.

For over one hundred articles accessible on the Internet we have built links, mainly through the Full Text Database Periodicals Index Online and the Open Access websites Interclassica (University of Murcia), Dialnet (University of La Rioja), Revistas Científicas (CSIC), Biblioteca Virtual Cervantes, Red de Bases de Datos de Información Educativa and the website of the Sociedad Española de Lingüística. In the section Reviews and Varia we have also built links to many press articles, mainly in the newspaper ABC