DGE online

DGE online is the digital edition of the seven published volumes of the Diccionario Griego-Español, that cover the alphabetical section α - ἔξαυος. Although still in progress, the DGE is currently becoming the largest bilingual dictionary of ancient Greek: it already includes about 60,000 entries and 370,000 quotations of ancient authors and texts.

The DGE is a dictionary of authorities, which means that all the translations and meanings are documented with quotations of literary authors and documentary texts from the Mycenaean period and Homer to the VIth century A.C. Our work is based on an extensive collection of lexical materials, still increasing because of the constant publication of new literary and documentary texts, new critical editions and lexical studies, to which must be added the databases of ancient Greek corpora. For further information about the history and the characteristics of the DGE, please visit our Project Presentation.

This new digital resource is a first version of DGE online, to be followed by others. The text has been encoded in XML validated by a schema following the recommendations of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI P5). The lemmas are displayed in a dual navigation system (in alphabetical order or reverse) that allows quick and efficient access to the entries. The articles are displayed one by one in a structured view. The main sections are clearly separated, which is yet a significant advance in comparison with the condensed and tight presentation of the printed Lexicon.

In order to discover some of the future features of DGE online, we encourage you to consult LMPG online, the digital edition of the Léxico de magia y religión en los papiros mágicos griegos. Because of its lower degree of complexity, the digitization of this small Lexicon is considered as a successful prototype: it provides some advanced features, such as the implementation of a customized search engine, that will be gradually integrated into DGE online. In order to improve this new resource, we will be glad to read your comments and suggestions.

DGE online is an open access resource shared under a Creative Commons licence, following the CSIC institutional policy: our institution signed in 2006 the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities.